It’s a long story

Prologue. It was our birthday on the 28th. I mean the Library’s birthday. Or at least the anniversary of the Lending and Reference Libraries moving in together to the Podium in Northgate Street. It seems like a minor event in the great scheme of things, but it meant a lot to the Avon Library Service … More It’s a long story

The Bath Prophecy

We have a very dedicated volunteer in the Library, Julie, who has spent the last four and a half years combing through our clippings collection. The collection was started by J. Meehan in the early 20th century and bought, along with other parts of his collection, by the Library. We still add to the collection … More The Bath Prophecy


Well, it’s all over now – not even any crumbs left.  It’s taken me a while to digest the events of our foray into the world of the Great Bath Feast and what a great event Cooking the Books was. Dr Annie Grey is a delight and a breath of fresh air.  She involves the … More Crumbs!