Life more ordinary

Bath is a photogenic city. Visitors come from round the world to see its crescents, baths and museums – they take their photographs, paint pictures or write long, descriptive letters home about the beauties of the architecture or the city’s long history. But what of life on a daily basis? The Library’s collections contain materials that highlight everyday … More Life more ordinary

The Bath Prophecy

We have a very dedicated volunteer in the Library, Julie, who has spent the last four and a half years combing through our clippings collection. The collection was started by J. Meehan in the early 20th century and bought, along with other parts of his collection, by the Library. We still add to the collection … More The Bath Prophecy

Eizak Pitman ov Bath and the Fonetik Instituzionz

Sir Isaac Pitman is a name that may be vaguely familiar to you. Not so long ago secretaries, journalists and many others spent hours learning the squiggles and lines of Pitman shorthand as a means of swift note-taking. With the advance of technology these skills are no longer in demand and, like Morse Code, the … More Eizak Pitman ov Bath and the Fonetik Instituzionz