Eizak Pitman ov Bath and the Fonetik Instituzionz

Sir Isaac Pitman is a name that may be vaguely familiar to you. Not so long ago secretaries, journalists and many others spent hours learning the squiggles and lines of Pitman shorthand as a means of swift note-taking. With the advance of technology these skills are no longer in demand and, like Morse Code, the … More Eizak Pitman ov Bath and the Fonetik Instituzionz

Recycled bindings

The Library is coming up to its fourth annual Recycle A Book competition.  It’s become a popular event with our regular readers, local care homes, schools, staff and children of all ages, and we have many repeat entrants coming back each year.  The inventiveness of the entries always astounds me, and many hours of work … More Recycled bindings

Men in the Map

We have many maps in our collection. In fact, I don’t really know exactly how many as I’ve never counted them all individually – including the OS series ones. But I do know we have the largest single collection of maps of the City of Bath. The earliest known city map is part of the … More Men in the Map


Well, it’s all over now – not even any crumbs left.  It’s taken me a while to digest the events of our foray into the world of the Great Bath Feast and what a great event Cooking the Books was. Dr Annie Grey is a delight and a breath of fresh air.  She involves the … More Crumbs!

Scrapbook delights

Whilst researching for the Cooking the Books event we didn’t just confine ourselves to the recipe books.  We went looking for other images that would also highlight the recipes and the ingredients. I’ve known about my ‘Christmas Pudding Man’ for quite a while – even using him as my avatar for this blog – and … More Scrapbook delights

Starting Out

Although I’m hoping to get some of my colleagues to join in with my little blog, most of it will be my comments on the Special Collections of the library as that is where the ‘interesting stuff’ lives.  That’s not to say all the other books aren’t interesting, it’s just that you can get to them more … More Starting Out